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A Bit About the Writers' Guild


The Santa Rosa County Writers’ Guild is made up of published writers interested in promoting and nurturing poetry in the City of Milton and its environs.   The Guild offers poetry classes, open mic, workshops on writing poetry and how to get published, readings, poetry competitions and community programs. The Guild’s members enjoy writing poetry, prose novels and short stories by meeting weekly, scheduling workshops and publishing the Blackwater Literary Journal.



The Blackwater Literary Journal is a publication of the Santa Rosa County Writers’ Guild. This journal celebrates creative writing and artistry. 
It is our hope and desire that you enjoy each issue of the Blackwater Literary Journal from cover to cover. The Journal has a collection of pieces that pays homage to creative imagination and, equally important, to the comradery of locally published authors who foster a workshop for collaborative support and growth.
In today’s world of selfies, tweets, Instagram, blogs and podcasts, expressing ourselves creatively takes a back seat to expedient messaging and expressionless writing. It is more important than ever to promote pieces that showcase creative imagination. The poetry, photography and stories contained in the Journal are selected for the most important reason: they make you feel the values of the panhandle.

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Writers’ Guild Nominates Poet Laureate

Milton’s City Council empowered the Santa Rosa County Writers’ Guild on June 22, 2017 to nominate a Poet Laureate. Milton’s Executive Council accepted the Writers’ Guild nomination of Marc Livanos on July 6th and publicly thanked the Writers’ Guild for getting back to them so quickly.  On July 11th, Milton’s City Council announced that Marc Livanos is Milton’s Poet Laureate. He will serve for a term of two years.


Walter  Reynolds

As a novelist, I can attest that poetry permits us to tell stories. It may not be easy but it helps us to heal our pain and celebrate our successes.   I am presently living in Florida sharing a life with my wife Linda and my two Cavalier King Charles puppies.


Marc Livanos


As someone who has been sustained by poetry, I understand the powerful and necessary purpose that writing and reading poetry provides for our community.  As Milton's Poet Laureate, my focus is on promoting and nurturing poetry to our teenagers. I am committed to opening portals at the Milton High School, Milton Library, Guy Thompson Community Center and areas served by the City of Milton, the county seat of Santa Rosa County.  This will be done by establishing workshops, poetry contests, open-mic, local authors events, presentations and on-the-spot writing contests.  I am also committed to pursuing projects related to poetry that encourages, advocates, and spreads the joy of poetry to teenagers, as well as adults.



I am Dr. Eugene Curtis and a founder of the Santa Rosa County Writers’ Guild. There are people who devour good literature, but just as importantly are people who promote and appreciate the creative spirit of poets, artists and writers. That’s what the Santa Rosa Writers’ Guild is about, promoters and appreciators. 
I didn’t know what the Santa Rosa Writers’ Guild would be when I helped start it. The process of witnessing its formation and growth is exciting.


As the first President of the Santa Rosa County Writers’ Guild, I am proud of its many achievements that include the Blackwater Literary Journal and reaching out to local teenagers. As a poet for the last twenty years, the idea that someone somewhere appreciates or in some way is influenced by my poems is gratifying. So, for the moment, become an appreciator like me and enjoy the pieces.

A Bit About Savannah Patterson


Savannah Patterson won First Place in Division 1 Poetry in the Florida Beta Club State Championship. While still a sophomore, she represented the State of Florida and again took First Place Division 1 Poetry in the National Beta Club Championship.  She first started writing poetry in the sixth grade. Her poems probe the depth of her heart. This writer, as an artist, illustrates each of her poems. Besides poetry, her dog Cupcake is the light of her life.

Jane Hutto and her husband Bill reside in Milton, Florida.  She has been writing poetry for over 20 years and has compiled some of her poems in her books “Anhinga On the River,” Poems from the Blackwater” and “Elsanor and Other Poems.”



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